WE, Reaffirm Our Collective Faith, In Effective Social Justice & Equality Initiatives!!

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 We, Duly Reaffirm Our Collective Faith, In Effective Social Justice & Equality Initiatives and Policies. Since the creation of our Social Justice Initiative, September 2015. We, took on the Issues, of that Time. Which included: 

1. Gender Equality

2. Sexual Orientation

3. Mental and Physical Ability 


However, since the Summer of 2020, amidst a Global Pandemic and after the shameful and murderous death of Mr. George Floyd by U.S Law Enforcement Representatives and Other Race related incidents. We adopted New Public Outreach Initiatives, which includes: 


1. Race Relations and Developing "Openness" Amongst the Global Population and Achieving Positive Knowledge, of the Different Cultures, which makes Us unique. As Productive Members of the Humanity Family, for the Betterment Of Society. 

2. Good Trouble, by Engaging in the Peaceful & Non-violent Demonstrations and Outreach Initiatives, Built on the Idealism of a Inclusive Society. 

3. Inclusive Society Initiatives, centered around a Peaceful & Non-violent Community. Which underscores, the Issues of Today and Put-forth, the Productive Policy Initiatives of Tomorrow. Therefore, Ensuring Our Future Generations will only Know and Appreciate Love, Acceptance, and Tolerance. Instead of the spiteful words of Hate, Intolerance, and Discrimination. 

4. ReDistributing Of Resources, to Build a Inclusive Society, which Recognizes a Person's Right to Choose, who they Love. 

5. Appropriate Measures, which Assist to Ensure Effiective Social Justice & Equality Policies centered on Fair Pay, Equal Opportunities for Women, Person's Of Color, Hispanics, Disabled, Low Income Individuals and Fmilies. 

Operationally, the UNIMOCUNIGO have been working on Social Justice & Equality Initiatives and Policies, since Initiation July 2008. We, feel strongly about having a Global Community, which is Truly Inclusive. Further, Our Senior Executive Leadership have served on Forums, Committees and Policy Boards, to achieve a Inclusive Society, for the Betterment Of Humanity.


Our Mission

We, the Representatives of the International Mission Of OCUNIGO determined to Preserve and Protect the Idealism of Humanity and Reaffirm our Faith, in Fundamental Human Rights, Social Justice, Humanitarian Affairs, Public Safety Services, and the Right of the Citizenship to Life-Sustaining Resources: Food, Water, Health Care, and Housing Services. 

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