We, Duly Reaffirm Our Collective Commitment, To Ensured Educational Resources and Services. Especially for Students with Disabilites, Low Income, Homeless, Of Color and Other Vulnerable Populations. Education is a Human Right and should not be taken for Granted and/or withheld from Certain Populations. Under Our Global Education Initiative, we will: 


1. Leverage Resources, to Fully Ensure School Age Students are Provided a Affordable Education, including Modern Day School Books and Newest Technology, especially During the Global Killing Pandemic. 

2. Provide Emergent Educational Resources, to Underserved Populations, which includes, Low Income, Disabled, Person's Of Color, Hispanic's, etc. 

3. Conduct a Feasibility Study, to Ensure the Complete Desegregation Of Educational Institutions. 

Operationally, the UNIMOCUNIGO have been working with Educational Institutions, Local, National, Regional, and International Governments to Deliver upon, Our Commitment to Fair and Open Education Resources & Services. Which provides a School Student, with Age and Development Appropriate Learning Platforms and Resources, and does so without regards, to a Student's Race, Sex, Disability, and/or Nationality. We continue to engage, the Global Community, with Fair Access to Educational Resources and Services. 


Our Mission

We, the Representatives of the International Mission Of OCUNIGO determined to Preserve and Protect the Idealism of Humanity and Reaffirm our Faith, in Fundamental Human Rights, Social Justice, Humanitarian Affairs, Public Safety Services, and the Right of the Citizenship to Life-Sustaining Resources: Food, Water, Health Care, and Housing Services. 

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