We, Duly Reaffirm Our Collective Faith, In Effective Global Humanitarian Assistance Initiatives. Which Provides and Ensures Emergency Resources During Times of Great Hardships. Why wouldn't we, care about our Brother's and Sister's, in Distress. When a Population, is affected by the Actions of Climate Change, Natural & Manmade Disasters, Drought, Terrorism, Civil and Armed Conflicts. Those Affected and Requiring Emergency Humanitarian Assistance, in the realm of Food, Water, Shelter & Health Care Services, should not have to wait for the Bureaucrats of Government, to Rescue Families and Individuals. Under Our Global Humanitarian Assistance Initiative, we will: 


1. Develop Working Relationships, with Civil Society, Non-Governmental Organizations, Private Sector, Non-State Actors, Educational Institutions, Public Safety and Governments, at the Local, National, Regional and International Levels. 

2. Pre-Plans, using the Gainful Knowledge of Step One, to Formulate Plans of Action, Leveraging of our Capacities and Mapping of the Regions Most Vulnerable to Crisis. 

3. Establishment of Specialized Missions, centered on Humanitarian Assistance and the Effective Delivery of Resources within Declared Hot and/or Crisis Regions. 


Operationally, since the Inception of the UNIMOCUNIGO July of 2008, we been engaged within the Emergency and Non-Emergent Global Humanitarian Assistance Field. Initiating, under the Haitian Earthquake of January 2010, which resulted into a Humanitarian Crisis for the Haitian Population. We delivered, Medical, Food, Water, Shoes, Clothing, Educational and Communication Resources. Today, we remain committed to the Haitian People, along with Other Countries, we have assisted, over the years. However, with the Issues centered around Climate Change, Famines, Civil & Armed Conflicts, Natural & Manmade Disasters and a Global Killing Pandemic, our Humanitarian Assistance Initiative will require adjustments, in order to Deliever, Emergent Relief Services. 


Our Mission

We, the Representatives of the International Mission Of OCUNIGO determined to Preserve and Protect the Idealism of Humanity and Reaffirm our Faith, in Fundamental Human Rights, Social Justice, Humanitarian Affairs, Public Safety Services, and the Right of the Citizenship to Life-Sustaining Resources: Food, Water, Health Care, and Housing Services. 

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