We, Reaffirm Our Commitment, To Ensured Access For Food & Water Resources. We will No Longer, Sit Idle, while Countless Individuals, or Families Starve.

Every Person, whose life is Improved or Saved, stems from an act of Generosity that’s Purely Voluntary. That’s why Donating is so extraordinary!!

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We, Duly Reaffirm Our Commitment, To Ensured Access For Food & Water Resources. Which means, we will No Longer, sit idle, while Countless Individuals, and Families Starve. Because of a Inability to Obtain Resources, such as Food & Water. We live, in a Modern Day Society, in which, Populations are without Ensured Access to the Life Sustaining Resources. Under Our Global Food Security Initiative, we will: 


1. ReDefine Positive Access to Life Sustaining Resources, for Populations of Low Income, Unemployed, Disabled, Senior Citizens, Homeless and/or Individuals or Families Of Color. Providing a Weekly Allowance of $150.00USD for Groceries and the Establishment of Regional Food Security Centers and Global Partnerships. 

2. Develop Measurable Goals, on Eliminating World Hunger by 2045. 

3. Development and/or Adopting of a Referral Program for Underserved Populations and Networking with the World Food Program for Our Global Food Security Initiative, therefore, Ensuring International Populations are Receiving  the Required Life Sustaining Resources. 

Operationally, the UNIMOCUNIGO has served Countless Individuals and Families, since July 2008 Inception. We been working with Civil Society, Non-Governmental Organizations, Food Banks, Non-State Actors, Private Sector, Local, National, Regional, International Governments and Organziations, to Deliver upon Our Commitment to Food Security. No One, especially a Child deserves, the Pains Of Hunger. We are Truly Committed, to the Cause of Global Food Security, and Open to Bright Ideas and Partnerships. 

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Our Mission

We, the Representatives of the International Mission Of OCUNIGO determined to Preserve and Protect the Idealism of Humanity and Reaffirm our Faith, in Fundamental Human Rights, Social Justice, Humanitarian Affairs, Public Safety Services, and the Right of the Citizenship to Life-Sustaining Resources: Food, Water, Health Care, and Housing Services. 

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