We, Reaffirm Our Collective Faith, In Fundamental Human Rights. Which Ensures the Protection of Populations, worldwide. 

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We, Duly  Reaffirm our Collective Faith, In Fundamental Human Rights, which is Dedicated to the Overall Protection of the Population. Which includes, Individuals, Families and Person's with Disabilities and Other Elements that requires our Intervention and Resources. 

In Carrying Out, Our Dedicated Mission, We will: 


1. Extend Priority to Addressing Urgent Human Rights Violations, which can be Serious and Predictable, especially those Issues, which places the Population Lives, in Severe Danger. 


2. Specialized Detailed Attention, for the Most Vulnerable Populations, which includes Low Income, Disabled, Immigrants, Person's Of Color, and Other Underserved Individuals. Further, establish a Human Rights Violation Complaint Mechanism, which will alert, the UNIMOCUNIGO of Violations. 


3. Enforcement Services, which includes Measuring of the Effectiveness of Our Collective Impact and Services Delivery Mechanisms, through substantive benefits, we have accrued, to Individuals and Families around the world. 


4. Joint Partnership Initiatives, with Local, Regional, National and International Organizations and/or Authritative Bodies. 


Operationally, the UNIMOCUNIGO Human Rights Section, works jointly with Civil Society, Non-Governmental Organizations, Governments and International Organizations/Institutions. To Foster, Develop and Strengthen Capacities, particularly at the International Level for the overall Protection of Human Rights. In accordance with International norms and the Rule Of Law.  

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Our Mission

We, the Representatives of the International Mission Of OCUNIGO determined to Preserve and Protect the Idealism of Humanity and Reaffirm our Faith, in Fundamental Human Rights, Social Justice, Humanitarian Affairs, Public Safety Services, and the Right of the Citizenship to Life-Sustaining Resources: Food, Water, Health Care, and Housing Services. 

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